Congratulations to Marcos and Leslie for getting married yesterday! As you would guess, it was a stylish affair. :)
More photos to come in the next couple of weeks.

Congratulations to Marcos and Leslie for getting married yesterday! As you would guess, it was a stylish affair. :)

More photos to come in the next couple of weeks.

Our latest engagement shoot with Ryan and Karina at the Mission Inn in Riverside, CA. View all their engagement photos on our Facebook page

Michael and Elaine are due to get married in March. They met when Elaine was working on her day off - and they just hit it off! Elaine is an English teacher pursuing her master’s degree, and Mike is an engineer for a biotechnology company. They opted for our full package which includes three photographers, all day coverage, an album and a two hour engagement session. :)

With a kid on the way, I’m really glad that Sarah and I have had three full years to enjoy each other’s company. With our extra time, we enjoy traveling like most people - and on this occasion, we travelled to Lake Tahoe to ski!

Sarah is a big skier, and the one time I tried getting her to snowboard, I got an ear-full. Let this be a lesson to future husbands: Don’t force your wife to snowboard before she’s ready, and if you do, be prepared to give a lot of hugs and positive encouragement… OR ELSE.

We grilled, played video games and chilled with our friends Brian and Natalie. We visited the casinos on the Nevada side, but rather than gamble, we played DDR for hours. What can I say? We’re kids at heart. This bodes well for our future son or daughter.

Congratulations to Romi Feder! She recently turned one year old and started walking one week prior to this shoot. We ventured to a local park where she bounced around, played as a child and even saw a dog - which interestingly enough, the dog was more afraid of Romi than the other way around. 

A preview of Shay and Donna Novak’s wedding a week ago. :) They opted for the full package - three photographers for all day coverage, an album and a two-hour engagement session. Expect more photos in the coming weeks!

Again, congratulations to Shay and Donna!

Sarah’s Awesome North Dakota Trip

Last July, I went to Grand Forks, North Dakota (population ~50,000) for two and a half weeks. My other job (besides wedding photos), NASA/JPL, sent our cool private jet with a radar pod to study soil moisture in Canada. WE DO SCIENCE. :)

See that white pod under the plane? That’s our radar! Built at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

View of the North. Green and orange and flat.

This amazing doormat welcomed us at the Air Force base when we landed. Notice the snowflake behind the warrior?

Here’s what ND looks like. Nobody has to water the grass; these people look like they’re camping in the park.

It’s relaxing here… even the water towers are happy.

I had some down time. We checked out the local fair. This bull was huge! 

Made a quick trip to Louisiana. My room flooded! But the food was good, and they gave me a dry room later. Crisis averted!

I made a short trip to Winnipeg, Canada - the SLURPEE capital of the world! Population: ~700,000. Way bigger than Grand Forks. 

"What am I even doing here?"

Homeward bound with the whole crew.

If you’d like to know more about the science we do, and not just the fun pictures I take on my trips, you can visit our official website: NASA/JPL UAVSAR.

Your tax dollars are put to good use as our scientists study various environmental changes that affect numerous industries and lives. And while it may look like I’m just having fun, my very important work includes making sure other scientist and engineers can work effectively and efficiently. A recent notable project I created: Accessible Gulf oil spill radar data.  A video of that trip.

And if you didn’t know, we recently landed on Mars!

Marcos and Leslie! We cruised around Little Tokyo for an engagement photo shoot. It was tons of fun! As you can see, they’re a bubbly couple with a flair for just having fun. We’ll be shooting their wedding this Fall.

Introducing Donna and Shay. Back in June, we shot their Engagement photo session. We first shot in Stony Point Park then drove down to Downtown Santa Monica. It was a fun mix between desert/nature and urban/beach photography. They even had different outfits for each location!

Last Sunday, we shot their wedding - which we will have ready in a couple weeks. :)

A glamour photo session with Rachel Sullano!